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Eco Golf Design The Morris Golf Co

ecology and environment

At The Morris Golf Co. we strive to influence our clients in the most ecological and environmentally sound and sensitive approaches, not only in the design and post project practices, but also throughout the construction process.  


In the concept design stage, we develop the environmental approach, and it is here where we make the most critical decisions. Our designs take all local environmental and climactic factors, and regulations into consideration to best ensure that the end product is one that we as responsible designers can be proud of.


Through the construction stages we endeavour to make the construction volumes as small as possible. This is ideally achieved by designing in response to what the land offers in terms of natural topography and landscape features, as well as making site specific construction specifications that are not otherwise over specified.


We endeavour to place only indigenous species, both in the out-of-golf landscape areas and the playing surfaces. A naturally existing turf species, or similar, that is suitable to playing golf will obviously require far less long term maintenance than an imported or alien variety. 


Measures such as noted above positively contribute towards 

creating golf courses that will have a positive environmental status.


In 2014, The Morris Golf Co. received  the Green Planet Architects Top 25 Award for International Golf Course Architects in recognition of our outstnading contribution to the development and promotion of sustainability.

Environmental Golf Course Design
Green Golf Course
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