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Strategic shot value and variety are two principles of golf course architecture that have largely fallen by the wayside in the modern age.


At The Morris Golf Co. we place our emphasis on restoring the lost art of rewarding the golfer for playing great shots and providing them with variety, thus ensuring their enjoyment and more importantly, their return.

We respect the land that is offered and design golf courses that make best use thereof.


Golf courses should complement, but more importantly,  enhance the landscape they fall within.

Strategic Golf Course Design Sketch

“...the only means whereby an attractive piece of ground can be turned into a satisfying golf course is to work to the natural features of the site in question. Develop them if necessary, but not too much; and if there are many nice features, leave them alone as far as possible, but utilise them to their fullest extent, and eventually there will be a chance of obtaining a course with individual character of an impressive nature.”  H. S. Colt


Our values are primarily based on the works of the great golf course architects of the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, a time when the selection of land and location of golf holes were the most important factors in establishing a successful golf course.

The influence of these great architects and their historic courses of the British Isles and North America run strongly through the veins of The Morris Golf Co.


The respect for the land and what it had to offer determined where golf holes would lie and what challenges lay ahead for the golfers, and this resulted in the most natural golf holes accomplished with a minimal amount of work.


At The Morris Golf Co. we echo the approach with which golf was designed so many years ago.

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